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Hello dear, here you can find all the answers to your questions about products and way to buy on Tokiwamusen video game online store. Fell free to contact us if you don’t find the answers to your questions. You can contact us there, please write in english or japanese languange.


Yes, we ship worldwide. But actually we don't ship in Japan. if you are in Japan, please, come to us store in Akihabara.

We ship with EMS or ECONOMY SAL. All packs are Tracked and we have an advanced weight system calculator in the store, you will pay ONLY the true shipping fees.


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Read the point 4 of the Terms & Conditions for all details.

That's depends from your country and the shipment options you chose during order, usually beetwen 5 and 31 business days with EMS, but with the economy SAL you will have to wait more. For all informations read the point 4 of us Terms & Conditions.

You can easly pre-order, in the pre-order section. But only 1 pre-order for the same item is allowed for any order.

You will NEVER pay japanese taxes. Any product sold on tokiwamusen.com is TAX FREE.. but, isn't the same for your country's taxes. That taxes depends from your country's law and the value of the items you bought. Inform yourself about the duty fee policy of your country, for be sure about. Down there, some examples of countries duty fees and VAT policy (that rules may change. Please, be sure that the following informations are still valid in your country. Tokiwamusen isn't responsable of duty and VAT taxes of your country). For know more about, SELECT YOUR COUNTRY THERE.

Here some exemples:


  • under 800usd: free
  • over 800usd: 0%/37.5% (usually 6%) + Sale Tax (differt in any country)
  • over 150usd: 22% VAT(IVA) + duty fee 0%/17%
  • Note: Electronic parts don't pay duty. Remeber: shipping fee are apart. There aren't Sale Tax or Duty fee for shipping cost.


  • under 22euro: free
  • over 22euro: 22% VAT(IVA)
  • over 150euro: 22% VAT(IVA) + duty fee 0%/17%
  • Note: Video game console pay only VAT(IVA). Remeber: shipping fee are apart. There aren't VAT(IVA) or Duty fee for shipping cost.


  • everytime: 20% VAT(IVA)
  • over 150euro: 20% VAT(IVA) + duty fee 0%/17%
  • Note: Video game console pay only VAT(IVA). Remeber: shipping fee are apart. There aren't VAT(IVA) or Duty fee for shipping cost.


Yes, but you can change currency inside the website. The change applied will be indicative. When you will pay with a different currency, will be applied the realtime international change and you will see exactly how much in your currency you will have to spent. Usually we keep update the change of the website for protect you from "bad surprises" during checkout. But remember it's impossibile for us apply a perfect change everyday.

Because the market changes, and we change with the market changment. And sometimes, some stuff become rare to find and that change its price.

Actually we accept payments with paypal, that means you can use anything paypal accept. Most common credit cards for exemple, or a bank transfert if you have a paypal account. During checkout, the system will guide you for payment insctruction.

We accept only japanese Yen, paypal system or your bank system will change the currency for you. All the extra fee of PayPal will be payed by Tokiwamusen store. Your bank or PayPal account will change your money's currency before the payment. That means you will have to pay your exchange fee if is expected in your contract.

Yes. It is. Us website use the SSL tecnology (like Amazon or Ebay) and Paypal protect you in any case. Then you can buy without fear anything: PayPal is the most famous and secure payment system of the world.

We will not comunicate your private data to third parties, and we will never sell your private infos.


For all informations read the point 6 of us Terms & Conditions.

If after 31 days (for EMS) or 3 months (for SAL) you didn't receive yet your pack, contact us immediatly! We will contact the shipping company for undestand the problem and find your pack!

The product description is written in Japanese language. Usually, the explanation in many languages is not present.

Tokiwamusen is the oldest video game store of Akihabara, in Tokyo (Japan). We sell video games from 1953 and we are specialized for Nintendo and Sony video games, consoles, accesories and merchandising. We export video games, consoles, goods (figures, collector items, amiibo, japanese exlusive stuff...). We built in Akihabara the video games history. We are Tokiwamusen. With Tokiwamusen prices. We are furnished directly by Nintendo, Sony and other japanese video game publishers. And any year we have more then customers in Japan.

We bring you from Japan with Akihabara's spirit, a daily updated enormus range of rare stuff. Limited edition items only available on japanese maket. Follow us on social networks for last news, we are one of the cheapest video game store of Akihabara... and a special spot to visit for turist and video game lover of any ages and country.

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