history of oldest Video Game Store Japan Akihabara world

Tokiwamusen was opened by Horie family in the far 1st September 1953 in front of the Akihabara station, in Tokyo.


First signboard of the Store. Around 1963

Japan, at the time of our birth, was reborning from World War II and there were not tall buildings and electric signboards like you see now. Imagine: streetcars still passed on street!

The Tokiwamusen sold parts or the vacuum tubes and radio parts, great business in those ages in Akihabara. We might say, after the war we sold a lot the disposal parts of the U.S. forces. In that period, technologies such transistor and IC (Integrated circuit) were born, and parts of vacuum tube and related were not gradually used yet.

We start to provide developing services for camera and photography, at store changed the signboard in “Tokiwa Photo Services”.

oldest japanese games store of akihabara

Then we choised to sell watches and small electronic calculator, digital watches became a great business in those days!

Meanwhile, in U.S.A borned Atari console; but for Japan we had to wait Nintendo with “The Color TV Game” in 1977, and finally the Nintendo 8bit: here starts us history in the video games world. In 1983, Nintendo 8bit and its video games were sell in us store. At the same time we start to sell PC games and varius related stuff. The Nintendo’s video games and PC engine made a big hit, and many other stores opened around us, the competitor’s challenge start to be enormus!

All people start to wait the release of the latest softwares, and a record-breaking video game boom came over afterwards in Japan: we changed the Sign in “Tokiwamusen. Tv Games, Software and Hardware”.

video game store online tokiwamusen amiibo japan akihabara shop

That boom bring us the in ’90 period, with the second and third generation of consoles until the arrive of SONY, that changed completly the market of video games with the first Playstation. Since 1953 we have moved on time, specializing in video games and japanese consoles from the first Nintendo, gaining the reputation as oldest video game store of Akihabara.

In May of 2016, after a big change of the japanese market of video games,  we chosed to open online and sell worldwide.